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Adjust Inventory by Stock Count App
Adjust Inventory by Stock Count App

You can use the additional application "Stock Count" which you can download in the Playstore for adjustments using your mobile device

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Inventory is the raw materials used to produce goods as well as the goods that are available for sale.

In every certain period, generally every month the store will usually do a stock take to crosscheck the stock of physical goods with those recorded in the system. In DealPOS you can make stock adjustments via the 'Adjustment' menu, one of the Adjustment methods that will be explained in this article is the Adjustment Stock Count App.

This Article describes how to adjust stock by using stock count apps.

I. Input Master Product

Step 1. Input All Products to DealPOS

Products Menu

II. Install Application (Android Mobile)

Step 1. Go to Playstore, then Search "Stock Count" App to Install


III. How to Use Stock Count Application

Step 1. Open the Stock Count App, then Start Counting

counting stock

Step 2. Fill in Inspector and Location, then Click Ok

Fill in Inspector and Location

Step 3. Start to Scan the Product

scan product

scan product

Step 4. Recheck the Scanned Item in the View Result Menu

 Recheck the Scanned Item

Step 5. Export Scanned Document

Export to drive/email/Bluetooth Etc.

export scanned document

IV. Input to DealPOS

Step 1. Go to Adjustment, then Click New

adjustment - archive

Step 2. Click Upload File, then Download Sample File

download sample adjustment

Step 3. Open CSV File, Copy Product Code & Quantity to Sample CSV

Open sample file - Copy product code and quantity to CSV file template from DealPOS - save - upload.

copy product code and qty

Step 4. Process Adjustment

After uploading, select the process button.

update inventory

Step 5. Recheck Product Stock in the Inventory Menu

Product stock in inventory will be adjusted

inventory qty

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