If your company has employees who make purchases, approval from a supervisor is always required to complete the transaction. You can use the Approve feature on Buy. The steps are as follows:

I. Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Module


Step 2. Tab Buy - Workflow Buy "Approve" - Save


II. Set Roles User

Step 1. Go to User Menu - Select Group User


Step 2. Roles Buy - More Permission - Approval - Save


III. How To Use

When the config has been activated all you have to do is purchase the item from the supplier as usual using the buy menu.

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu

Make a purchase as usual then press pay to process it.


Step 2. Orders - Supplier Bill

After you make a purchase, you can check the purchase transaction that you have made to the Orders menu and then to the Supplier Bill tab. After config is activated, on the Supplier Bill list you will be able to see a new column addition that explains the status of the purchase.


Step 3. Click Invoice Number of Supplier Bill - Approve

You can approve the purchase submitted to you by clicking on the invoice number to make an "Approve" or approval.


Step 4. Approve Successful

After successfully approving the status your invoice will change to "Approved".


Display Supplier Bill Invoice:


*Note: You can receive stocks and receive payment after invoicing is approved.

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