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Purchase Order With Approval
Purchase Order With Approval

Create purchase orders with an additional step (approval) to check if the Purchase Order created is approved or not by the Leader/Owner

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In some retail companies, the process of purchasing products by the purchasing team is typically supervised by a manager or supervisor who oversees the purchase orders. In DealPOS, we can set up steps in creating purchase orders where the process of purchasing goods can be configured to require approval from other users. To add an approval procedure in creating purchase orders, you can follow the steps below:

I. Purchase Order Approval Configuration

Step 1. Go to the Setup Menu, click on More menu, and click on Configuration Module

How to Activate Approval when using Buy (2 steps) - Configuration Module

Step 2. Click on the Buy tab, Select Approve in the Workflow Buy, and click the Save button

Approve workflow

II. Set Group User Roles

When the current selected Workflow Buy is using Approve, we must set the roles in which users can Approve the Purchase Order Created from the Buy menu.

Step 1. Go to User Menu, then Select Group User

How to Activate Approval when using Buy (2 steps) - Approval Roles

Step 2. Click Buy Roles, click More Permission, tick the Approval, and click Save

How to Activate Approval when using Buy (2 steps) - Approval Roles

III. How To Work With the Approval Step

When the config has been activated, we can try to purchase the item from the supplier as usual using the buy menu.

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu and create a Purchase Transactions

Buy Module

Step 2. Go to Orders, see the Supplier Bill Status

After we make a purchase, we can check the purchase transaction that we have made in the Orders menu and then to the Supplier Bill tab. After the config is activated, on the Supplier Bill list we will be able to see a new column addition that explains the status of the purchase.

Order Approve

Step 3. Click on the Supplier Bill number, click Approve

We can approve the purchase submitted by clicking on the invoice number to make an "Approve" or approval.

Supplier Bill Approve

Step 4. Approve Success

After successfully approving the supplier bill, the status of our supplier bill will be changed to "Approved".

Approved Supplier Bill

Display Supplier Bill Invoice:

Fulfillment and Payment


Before the supplier bill is Approved, the Supplier bill payment and fulfillment status will be pending. We can receive stocks and receive payment after the supplier bill is approved.

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