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Purchasing Inventory from a Supplier
Purchasing Inventory from a Supplier

Explain how to add inventory with purchasing from supplier.

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Your product data has been successfully added, but the stock is still empty? Or do you have a purchase invoice that needs to be inputted in DealPOS? You can fill the stock by inputting Purchase Transactions / Purchase Orders on the Buy menu so that the stock of the products you just bought will be added to the Inventory. For a more detailed explanation, you can read this article:

Step 1. Go to Buy Menu

Buy Menu means you buy/receive products from the supplier.

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Buy menu Interface

You can choose an outlet that will stock the products that you input on the buy menu and enter the inventory outlet. The date and invoice number will be input automatically but you can also change it if you have the roles to do it. You can also input suppliers and pictures.

Step 2. Input Product to Cart, then Pay Transaction

For example, I just added Vans(38):

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Buy menu Interface (2)

Step 3. Choose Payment Method & Fill Amount, then Click Ok

There are options for direct payment or debt. If you choose directly there are several payment methods that you can choose. Click Ok to process the purchase.

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Buy menu, Payment dialog

Step 4. Purchase was Completed

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Purchase Complete

Step 5. Check Stock At Products or Inventory Menu

Check stock at product detail.

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Stock Increased

Check stock at the inventory :

Purchasing Inventory from Supplier - Stock Increased (2)

[Tutorial Video] Purchasing Inventory from Supplier

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