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To make precise printouts and reduce wasted paper by setting margins to none

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If you are using Epson Receipt Printer (TM U220, TMT82 and TM-T88V) or others, you need to setup your printer to avoid getting wasted paper caused by Header and Footer printing.

Page margins are the empty space between your data and the edge of the printed page. Top and bottom page margins can be used for things like headers, footers, and page numbers. We will make the margins become none to reduce the empty space on the paper.

Table of Content :

I. Chrome Print Setup

Type Ctrl + P (Print), in the print configuration Click on panel More settings and at the margin select none.

Chrome Print Setup

II. Firefox Print Setup

Open your firefox browser, More menu - choose Print.

Firefox Print Setup

On the page setup select tab margin & Header/footer, margin inches changed to "0.0" and header & footer changed to "blank".

Setup Margin & Header/Footer

III. Control Panel Setup

Open your control panel, view device and printer.

Control Panel Setup

Right-click on your paired printer, select Printing Preferences.

Printer Preferences

Select the Document Settings Tab, change Paper Conservation to Top & Bottom.

Change Paper Conservation

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