We release BETA version for DealPos mobile apps, in case have trouble or problem on current mobile version, you can update your mobile apps to BETA version while we fix the current version.

Step 1. Join BETA from Playstore

You can join BETA from play store, First you need search DealPos on play store. After you open DealPos page on play store, you need to scroll down and click join on BETA tab.


Step 2. Install or Update Application

After you join BETA, you need to restart Play store and open DealPos page. if you already join BETA, DealPos page on your play store will change to DealPos (BETA)


If your DealPos page on play store already change to DEALPOS (BETA), you just need to update or install it. than your DealPos already on BETA version.

to make sure your mobile apps already on BETA version, you can check the version on application information. to open application information, you need to open DealPos page on play store then click what's news and scroll down to application information. Make sure your application is the latest version.

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