When we update the DealPOS version to add new features or fix bugs, there is sometimes a cache issue in the browser that causes minor issues. It may be fixed by clearing the cache on the browser you're using, In this article, we'll show you how to do it on Mozilla Firefox:

Table of Content :

I. Using Alternative Button

Step 1. Press Button Ctrl + Shift + Del

Time range to clear "everything", and "Clear Now".

Quick Key to Clear Cache

II. Using Firefox Interface

Step 1. Click More Setting Menu, then Choose "Options"

Firefox Setting

Step 2. Select Privacy & Security - Cookies and Site Data - Clear Data

Clear Data

Step 3. Tick Cookies and Cache, then Click "Clear"

Clear Cache and Cookies

III. Refresh Firefox

Step 1. Click Setting, Click Help, then Click Troubleshooting Information

Firefox Setting
Troubleshoot Information

Step 2. Click Refresh Firefox, and Click Finish

Notes :

If you use step 2, your setup printer margin will be back to default. If you want setup it back, you can click menu - print - and follow this.

Setup Printing

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