On IN POS page all Products in POS will appear, first thing you have to do is click button Scan, so products in marketplace can be mapped with Dealpos based on SKU.


If the SKU is dealt with the same marketplace, a Shopee / Tokopedia icon will appear in the product box.


I. Upload Product

If the product that you have entered on DealPOS has not entered the marketplace, you can directly upload the product without re-inputting it on the marketplace manually.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Find Product you want to Upload

select product you want to upload and click the upload button.


Step 2. Select the marketplace, click Upload


II. Requirements

Make sure the product you want to Upload has filled in the required fields. Before you can upload a product, you must fill in the following fields:

  • SKU
  • Image
  • Weight.
  • Description

Step 1. Fill name of Product, SKU, Category and Upload Image.


Step 2. Fill weight of Product, Price and Description. Then Submit.


Step 3. If the Product have been Uploaded Successfully, check your Shopee or Tokopedia Account.


Video Tutorial Synchronize Product

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