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Upload Contact from DealPOS to MailChimp
Upload Contact from DealPOS to MailChimp
How to upload a contact from DealPOS to MailChimp
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Mailchimp is a web-based broadcast email application, on this platform, you can create campaigns that can later be sent to your existing customers.

Currently, DealPOS has been integrated with Mailchimp so you don't need to input customers from dealpos to Mailchimp manually because all of that can be done automatically.

You can upload the contacts that are on your DealPOS to MailChimp when your DealPOS and MailChimp have been integrated. For example, I choose to contact with the name "Dahla" :

Choose Customer

Step 1. Go to Upload, Select Join Date, then Click Upload

Upload Customer

Step 2. Contact was Uploaded Successfully to Mailchimp

Customer was Uploaded Successfully
Recheck in Mailchimp

Notes :

Here's the tutorial for creating a new list: Create New Mailchimp List.

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