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Add Currency Symbol to Barcode Print
Add Currency Symbol to Barcode Print

How to add currency prefix to your barcode sticker's price

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Presuming you sell your product with multiple currencies settings and you want to set each of their currency symbol in our Barcode Application.

As per our version of Barcode (1.12) released, we have added that feature!

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Barcode

Login with your POS link/url, username and its password.

Login Barcode

Please make sure your barcode app version is v1.1.2 or up.

Step 2. Choose Setting Button

Open Barcode Setting

Step 3. Go to Price Tab, then Input Currency

Price Configuration

Step 4. Try to Add Variant to Print

Add Variant to Print

Your product barcode sticker's price is now starts with the currency symbol.

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