Inventory counts help you to keep track of your inventory. Inventory is one of the biggest assets a business has. During an inventory count, each item in your store is counted and recorded. When the inventory count is submitted, your store's inventory records are updated.

Inventory counts help you keep on top of your inventory movements and identify discrepancies faster to ensure accurate stock levels.

How do I count my product on DealPOS apps ? you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to the adjustment menu, click more on the top right corner, select count product inventory

count product inventory

Step 2. Then you can directly scan the product you want to count in the lower right corner

scan barcode product

Step 3. After scanning the product, the product will be filled in, and the scanned products can be exported

export count product

Exported file will be a .csv file, which can be opened via excel. The following is an example of a file that has been exported

file export csv

After exporting the export results from this count product inventory, it can be directly uploaded to the adjustment stock take by CSV.

Step 4. Go to the adjustment menu, then select stock take by CSV

stock take by csv

Step 5. Select which outlet you want to adjust, then select the file that was exported previously. After that click upload.

choose outlet

Step 6. After uploading, the products in the CSV file will appear, so you can see the difference between the stock at DealPOS and the one in the store. Then you can click confirm the adjustment.

review adjustment

Step 7. Then the adjustment has been created.

adjustment created

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