A barcode label is a sticker that is usually attached to a product. The shape or length of the barcode label follows the product code listed on each product. So the barcode label on each product is different.

Barcode labels are divided into several types:

1. Thermal

2. Semicoat

3. Yupo

4. Silvermate

Usually, some retail stores use more types of thermal or semi coat because they are more affordable and quite practical.

The application of barcode labels is quite easy, but sometimes some conditions make barcode labels unable to be scanned.

1. Product Code or SKU is too Long


A product code or SKU that is too long causes the barcode sometimes cannot be scanned, because the longer the product code makes the barcode size also long, and the lines stick together. This condition makes the scanner tool unable to read or scan the barcode so that when the product is about to be scanned, it is not read. Ideally, the length of the product code or SKU is a maximum of 8 characters, so that barcode labels can be scanned easily.

2. When the Barcode Scan is not at the Optimal Distance or Angle

The distance and angle factor at the time of barcode scanning is quite influential on the success of barcode scanning.

  • Distance

    When scanning a barcode, if the distance between the scanner tool and the barcode label is far enough, the scanner will not be able to read the barcode because it is not detected properly. It can also be adjusted to the size of the barcode, if the barcode size is small, the distance between the scanner and the barcode must be close enough. But if the barcode size is large, the distance between the scanner and the barcode must be far enough so that the scanner can read the barcode label.

  • Angle

    The angle at which the barcode is scanned also affects the success of the barcode scan. Maybe when scanning the barcode, you can do it in a bright place so that the scanner can read the barcode label properly. Likewise, when in a bright place, make sure the barcode label is not reflected by the light so that when the barcode label is scanned it will be read by the scanner.

3. Printers Dirty or Damaged Barcodes

Reading Damaged Barcodes

To maximize the use of barcode labels, it is recommended that the printer used to print barcodes is cleaned more often. A dirty barcode printer causes the barcode to be damaged, so the barcode cannot be scanned. Barcodes that are damaged are usually when printed there are white lines on the printed barcodes. Things like that make the scanner tool unable to read the barcode label because there are some missing lines on the barcode.

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