Sometimes, some users have Multiple DealPOS Accounts because they have different types of businesses. This makes users have to maintain two different links and it cost more time.

DealPOS has provided a feature that can solve this problem, it is called Multi-Tenant. Multi-tenant can show reports from one or more DealPOS accounts on one platform.

Read the following steps below to use our multi-tenant feature :

Step 1. Go to Our Multi-Tenant Web and Sign Up


Step 2. Fill the Form with Your Data, then Register


Step 3. Try to Sign In with the Account


Step 4. Select Channel, then Click Add

Add Channel

Step 5. Go to Your DealPOS Account, then Choose My Profile

Step 6. Select Developer API, then Copy API Client Secret

Step 7. Back to Multi Tenant, Fill Form Channel, then Click Submit

Notes :

For multiple accounts, please repeat steps 4 to 7 to add another DealPOS account.

Step 8. Select Menu Report, and View Your Multi-Account Report Here!

Notes :

Multi-tenant will show reports of your multiple dealPOS accounts and it can be filtered by date.

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