If you have a massive sales team in the field, it will be tough to enter a SalesPerson code every time you need to add a new SalesPerson. We provide additional configurations to automatically generate a SalesPerson code when adding a SalesPerson contact. You would get a more detailed explanation in the tutorial below:

I. Activate Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup and click Module

Auto Generate SalesPerson Code - Activate Configuration

Step 2. Click Contact tab

In the SalesPerson code generator configuration, you can switch it to Yes, then click Save.

Auto Generate SalesPerson Code - Enable Sales Person Code Generator

II. Configure starting number

Step 1. Go to Setup menu, click more menu and choose Generator

Auto Generate SalesPerson Code - Configure starting number

Step 2. Input your starting number here

Auto Generate SalesPerson Code - Input starting number

Congratulations! For now, the SalesPerson code will be automatically generated.

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If you have a lot of SalesPerson and need to generate the SalesPerson code automatically, DealPOS can fulfill your needs. Try it for free for 14 days by clicking the image down below:

DealPOS Demo

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