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Allow Nearby Device on Android Version 12 or Higher
Allow Nearby Device on Android Version 12 or Higher

Give bluetooth permission for allowing printer bluetooth in dealpos Apps

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When you want to add a Bluetooth printer but get an error like below.

Before adding a printer, you need to allow nearby devices on the Android device you are using. This problem occurs if you have tab/phone with android version 12 or Higher.

Review Android Permission

Notes :

This photo will show up if you haven't set permission to allow nearby devices.

The following is the information provided by Google regarding this :

Connect Bluetooth. We will guide you step by step on how to set up your mobile apps on your devices:

Notes :

Make sure you have a new updated version for your apps.

Step 1. Update Dealpos APP to Version 8.0.6 or Higher

Check App Version

Step 2. Go to Device Settings

Find "Apps" and search Dealpos.

Device Setting

Step 3. Open Dealpos Info

Select "Permissions" and choose "Allow" for nearby devices permission.

Open App Permission
Open Nearby Device
Allow Nearby Device

After allowing "Nearby Devices" you can Add Printer Bluetooth to DealPOS App.

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