When you want to show the product stock inventory the option is have been changed. Before that, the option is either yes or no. Right now according to the specified config, we offer you to have more options so you can choose how you want your inventory to show on the Product Page. We will guide you step by step on how to set up the configuration :

Step 1. Go to Setup

Choose more menus and choose a module.

Module Configuration

Step 2. Choose Inventory Render Scenario

Render Inventory

Here is an explanation of the inventory render scenario :

  1. Never : Not showing any inventory at all

    Never Render
  2. Query : Inventory is showing when you search the product

    First, search product

    Render by Query

    Secondly, our stock product will be shown after you search

    View Render by Query
  3. Always : Inventory is always showing

    Always Render

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