When you're about to upload the image from a product, you can upload the product's image by clicking the product name on the Products menu, and clicking the upload button.

Upload Image Product

If you're having multiple product data that you want to upload, you might also want to import the product images. To upload product images via CSV (by bulk operation), you can follow the steps below:

Step 1. Click Import Product on the Products menu

Import Product

Step 2. Download sample csv

Download csv sample

Step 3. Insert ImageURL column on the csv file and paste the image URL from any website containing the product image

Copy image URL
ImageURL Column

Step 4. Upload the csv file and click upload button

Choose csv File

Step 5. The image will be uploaded

Image Uploaded

notes: If you want to upload multiple images in one product, you can make another ImageURL column in the CSV sample file like the image below (Max 5 images):

ImageURL column multiple image

Multiple Image

If you have multiple variants in one product, you only have to insert the ImageURL on one of the variant rows

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