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Upload Product Images from Google Drive
Upload Product Images from Google Drive

Learn how to upload images from your Google Drive to your product image

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You can upload the Product Images that you want to create/edit in DealPOS from your Google Drive. To upload the product image from Google Drive to DealPOS, you can follow the steps below :

Step 1. Go to Product, then Click Add

Add Product

Step 2. Click button Upload

You can Add New Product and upload the images, click Upload Image.

Upload Product

Step 3. Choose tab Google Drive then Click Connect to Google Drive

Click Google Drive

Step 4. Login to your Account Google

Sign In Google

Step 5. Click Continue

After connect to your Google account, you can click Continue

Continue Sign In

Step 6. Choose the photo then Click Upload

Choose Photo

Step 7. Click Done

Upload Photo

Step 8. Photo was Inputted

The photo will be inputted with an Image uploaded from Google Drive.

Photo Success Upload

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