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CDN - Invalid Certificate - Infinite Loading
CDN - Invalid Certificate - Infinite Loading

Open your DealPOS temporary from Incognito (Private Browsing)

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When you can't open your DealPOS because of Looping like in this picture,

You can follow the steps below:

I. Install Cloudflare

Step 1. Go to / , then Download Installer

Step 2. Run the Installer

Step 3. Turn On the Cloudflare WARP

II. Bypass CDN

Step 1. Open Incognito Window (Private Browsing), CTRL + SHIFT + N

Step 2. Go to '' from Incognito (Private Browsing) then Click 'Advanced'

Step 3. Click 'Proceed to (unsafe)'

Step 4. Try to open your DealPOS on Incognito

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