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Product Menu Introduction
Product Menu Introduction

Explanations about the Product menu in the DealPOS system.

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A Product is an item offered for sale. A Product can be a service or an item. As an item for sale, the basic component of products are Cost, Price, and Name.

Before you start selling your product, you need to input your product data into our system. For the product classification, We use Category, Product, and Variants to classify the product data as you can see on the list below.

Table of Content :

III. Variant

I. Category

A category is used to group some products with similar attributes into one collective category. You can add a new category by referring to the products you have and define on what category type they suit the best, you can also create a subcategory on the category.

Product Category

II. Product

Product refers to the actual product item's name that you sell. To add a new Product, you can go to this article: Create New Product.

Master Product

III. Variant

A Variant is used to differentiate specific types of products, based on their unique attributes, i.e. colors, sizes, flavors, etc. The following image can be used to help you organize products with multiple variants. In the image below, the product is the T-shirt that has different sizes and colors.

Product Variant

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