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If you open the Products menu on DealPOS, you can set if the inventory from the products is shown or not. By default product page will only show the number of Inventory of the product when you search for the product in the search bar. But if you need to see the inventory on the product page, you can activate the settings as shown below:

Notes :

To be able to see the Stock on the products menu, you must make sure you have the user roles access (Inventory > View) to see the Inventory.

Activate View Inventory Role

Step 1. Go to Setup, Select More Menu, then Choose Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Product, then Set Inventory Render to Always

Always Render Inventory

Table of Index :




The inventory from all products will not be shown on the products menu


The inventory from products will only be shown when the user is searching for the product in the upper search bar in the products menu


The inventory from all products will always be shown on the products menu

Step 3. Go to Product List to View Changes

If you set the configuration to "Always", all the products in the Products menu will show the unit quantity/Inventory stock Automatically.

View Inventory on Product List

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