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Estimate Order for Reserved Customer Order
Estimate Order for Reserved Customer Order
Estimate is useful for providing an proposal of the total price of any items purchased by the customer.
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The estimate menu can be used when a customer reserves an order but has not addressed the prices in the estimate detail. You can set the estimated output to be converted to a sales order or directly to an invoice. To set the conversion target from the estimate, you can follow the steps I've included below.

Step 1. Go to Users - Select Group - Give User Access

Enable estimate roles for all users in that group.

Give User Access

Step 2. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Choose Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Go to Tab Sell, then Set Estimate Conversion Target

Set Estimate Conversion Target
Set Estimate Conversion Target to Invoice

Step 3. Go to Estimate, then Make Estimate Order

You can put a note if necessary, you can add additional notes after you click submit.

Make Estimate Order

Step 4. Recheck Estimate Order History on Orders

You can find the created Estimate in the Orders menu.

Recheck Estimate Order History on Orders

Step 5. Choose Any Estimate, then Convert the Estimate

You can see the estimated order flow to be a customer invoice below:

Create an Estimate --> Convert estimate --> Sales Order --> Customer Invoice

You can convert your estimate to a Sales Order by clicking the Convert Sales Order button and you can fill in the PO number.

Convert Estimate to Sales Order
Input Invoice Detail

After converting the estimate to sales orders, you can convert the sales order to a customer invoice.

Convert Sales Order to Invoice

Notes :

In a sales order detail, you can send the fulfillment but not be able to add any payment.

Step 6. A customer Invoice was Created

You can add payment and also fulfillment from the invoice detail.

Customer Invoice was Created

Notes :

  • To directly convert an estimate to the customer invoice, you can set the conversion target to Invoice like in step 1.

  • To edit the estimated order, you must have Edit access for Estimate in the User menu.

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