If the product that you input into the DealPOS system has also included an image, you can display images of the product in the Sell Menu as thumbnails when you input it in the Sell Menu. This article will explain the configuration steps to bring up a product thumbnail when inputted on the Sell Menu.

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - Application

Step 2. Click Module Configuration - Tab Sell

Step 3. Show Thumbnail "Yes" - Save

Look for the settings for the Show Thumbnail, then select "Yes" to display the product image thumbnail when we want to input the name of the item / product code on the Sell Menu.

Step 4. Check Thumbnail when Input Product in the Sell Menu

You can check whether your configuration has been saved or not by inputting the product as usual in the menu. If the configuration is successful then a thumbnail of the product will appear as a screenshot below.


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