If in a sales activity you provide delivery services to your customers and there is a time when you make an order, but the goods are sent from other outlets. In this article will explain the steps to send the goods you sell from other outlets:

Step 1. Sell - Input Products - Shipping 'By Delivery'

Sell the product as usual, after inputting then press the Shipping button and select 'By Delivery'.

Fill the Shipping Form then press the Ok button.

Step 2. Payment - Click Number Invoice

Step 3. Open Invoice Details - Send

After moving to the Invoice Details page, click the Send button to send it.

Step 4. Choose Outlet Delivery - Save

Select the outlet that you have chosen to send the item to the customer.

Step 5. Print Shipping Invoice

After you send the item, then you can print an invoice (if you need), or return to the invoice to see the shipping status.

Step 6. Check Status Delivery

Now you can see the delivery has finished, and marked status : sent.

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