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Write Off Customer Invoices
Write Off Customer Invoices

To write off a debt that has not been paid for a long time, or a debt invoice that cannot be paid.

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Sometimes you might find a customer Invoice in which the payment has been unpaid for a long time but you want to treat the payment status as paid for one reason. You can't make the payment to be paid because it will disrupt the payment reports data, instead of changing the unpaid status to be paid, you can use the Write-off option.

Write-off is one of the features in DealPOS that you can use to get rid of debts that are no longer paid because the customer has not paid their unpaid invoices for a long time. The function of the write-off itself is to write off hanging accounts payable and it will generate its own report without disrupting the actual payment reports. To make the write-off for the unpaid customer invoices, you can follow the steps below:

I. Write Off Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Write Off Option

Write Off Configuration

Step 2. Input the Write Off Option, then Click Save

Write Off Option
Write Off Option

II. Write Transaction Off & View Write Off Report

Step 1. Go to Orders, then Write Off Invoice

Go to Orders, Select Invoice with Unpaid/Partial Payment, then Click Write Off.

Add Write Off Payment
Choose Reason

Step 2. Go to Payment, then Select Write Off Tab

Here will display the total Write-off that occurred, you can use a filter to check the write-off report for a more specific report scope.

Notes: Recently, we put a new column (Percentage, Reason, and Created) to help you manage the report for write-off so it's more detailed.

How to Write Off Customer Invoice Tutorial Video:

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