Have you ever wanted to see invoices that were deleted? Now, you can see invoices that have been deleted in the Orders Menu. The void invoice feature prevents the permanent deletion of invoices. When an invoice is voided, the invoice will go into the recycle bin, so we can confirm again whether the invoice we deleted is correct.

In the recycle bin we can also restore invoices if we are wrong when we want to delete the invoice. There are several steps in the settings to activate the feature.

Table of Content :

I. Add Void Access for User

II. Configuration

III. How to Void Sales Invoice

IV. Restore or Delete Invoice

I. Add Void Access for User

Step 1. Go to users menu and click on which groups you will give access to void invoices

user list

Step 2. Then in the orders section, access to void invoices can be checked

access void invoice

II. Configuration

Step 1. Select Module on the setup menu

setup menu

Step 2. Choose Orders - Then Activate the Void Feature

orders module configuration

III. How to Void Sales Invoice

Go to Orders then select invoice and Void

void invoice

Notification void of the invoice will appear

success to void invoice

IV. Restore or Delete Invoice

Step 1. Click Recycle Bin on Orders

restore or delete invoice

Step 2. Select Restore or Delete

restore or delete invoice

Notes :

  • Restore : move the invoice to the order menu

  • Delete : Permanent delete

How to Enable Void and Restore Sales Invoice Tutorial Video

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