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Send Outbound Logistic with Barcode Scan
Send Outbound Logistic with Barcode Scan

Learn on how to send transfer order with barcode scan

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If you want to make the Outbound Logistics products need to be scanned before you send the products, You can use the Qty Count by using Barcode Scan on your Outbound Logistics Send flow. You can follow the steps in this article to send products with the barcode scanning procedure.

I. Configure Outbound Logistic with Scanner

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Setup - More Menu - Module

Step 2. Go to the Logistics Tab, Set Qty Count to Yes, then Click Save

Tab Logistics, turn on Qty Count feature

II. Scan Barcode for Outbound Logistic

Step 1. Go to Orders, Select Any Unsent Invoice, then Click Send Fulfillment

Search & open the Invoice numbers with the status 'Unsent' in their Fulfillment that you want to send. Once you're inside the invoice, click on 'Send' in the Fulfillment section.

Open invoice, click Send

Step 2. Point the Cursor to the Barcode Counter Column

On the Outbound Logistics Form page, make sure the cursor is blinking in the Barcode Counter column at the top. You can then directly scan the barcode on the product. If successful, there will be a notification that the barcode has been scanned, and the total count will increase by the total number of items scanned.

Scan barcode to count

The stock has been successfully sent, and the Outbound Logistic number has been generated.

Outbound Logistic number created

Step 3. Check the Fulfillment status on the Invoice

Once all stock has been sent, the Fulfillment status will change to 'Sent,' and the Outbound Logistic number will be successfully generated.

Status Sent, outbound logistic number created

[Tutorial Video] Send Outbound Logistic with Scan Barcode :

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