If there are Customer Invoices or Supplier Bills with Unpaid/Partial payment status and there are so many of them that it would take so much time if you collect them one by one, we provide a feature that makes you can collect all of them at once.

You could choose which invoice you want to collect, or even you could choose all of them. With this feature, you can combine or merge your Account Receivable / Payable from customers or suppliers into one invoice through the Debt menu.

Step 1. Open more menu / properties then select advance - AR/AP Collection

AR or AP Collection

Step 2. Select add to create a combined/merged outstanding bill

Add AR or AP Collection

Notes :

Choose Tab AP Collection to create account payable collection for purchase order outstanding bill and go to steps 1 & 2.

Step 3. Select add then input your customer/supplier name that you want to merge the outstanding bill

Add Customer & Choose invoices

Step 4. Fill the payment detail than select 'OK'

Payment Detail OK

Notes :

Skip this step and click submit if you doesn't want to make payment for the collection.

Step 5. Bulk Payment Succeed

Bulk Payment Succeed

Video Tutorial AR & AP Collection

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