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Set Default Quantity in Inventory Menu
Set Default Quantity in Inventory Menu
The default setting is the minimum amount of stock that can appear in the inventory menu
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Our default minimum amount of stock in the Inventory Menu is 1 just like in the picture below. That means you won't be able to see Products with Zero stocks or even minus. You can change it directly from the Filter but you can also change the Minimum Default Amount on the Filter.

We will explain the steps to change the Quantity From in the Inventory menu. We will change it to Zero.

Inventory - Filter - Quantity From Default

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Configuration Module

Step 2. Go to Inventory Tab, Set Default Value, then Click Save

Change Default Value

Notes :

For the Default Quantity form can be filled in as you wish (we take the example Default 0).

Step 4. Go to Inventory Menu, then Click Filter

After you set it, you can check it back in the inventory menu then click filter, the quantity from will change to 0.

Default Quantity From 0

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