Awaiting Inventory can also be explained with a case like when we've ordered products from the supplier by delivery but the products are still in transit, the products that we've ordered have not arrived in our warehouse/store yet.

Currently, there are three columns from the Awaiting Inventory status on the Inventory menu from DealPOS, they are On Hand, Awaiting, and Future.

 Future = On Hand + Awaiting

Awaiting Inventory



On hand

Is the quantity expected in your warehouse


Is a quantity that represents the quantity from the products which are still in transit after we ordered the products from the supplier


Is a quantity that represents the quantity from the products that will be expected after all the awaiting product has arrived. It counted based on calculation from On Hand quantity and Awaiting quantity.

As you can see in the table above if you are buying products with Fulfillment or in transit, the awaiting inventory from that product will be increased. The image below shows you the reports from awaiting inventory, it will make you feel easier to find out the stocks that will be ready in the future.

Table of Content :

I. Buy Transaction to Make Awaiting Inventory

Step 1. Check Inventory Product

Awaiting Inventory from Products

Notes :

An example Adidas Putih Mid X (34) with 7 unit inventory on hand.

Step 2. Create a Buy with Shipping by Delivery

Buy with Fulfillment Shipping

Fulfillment Shipping

Notes :

You need to choose Later option on the Fulfillment.

Purchase Complete

II. Check Inventory Awaiting Status

Step 1. Go to Awaiting Inventory tab

Awaiting Inventory Quantity

After you make a buy transaction, you could check the inventory from Adidas Putih Mid X (34). On the Awaiting Inventory, it will appear as 3. It means that there are 3 quantity from Adidas Putih Mid X (34) that is still in transit.

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