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View Report for Awaiting Product to Receive
View Report for Awaiting Product to Receive

Explain how to add and view report product to receive from your purchase.

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Have you ever entered a purchase transaction but the item has not been received yet? This usually happens when you have paid a purchase transaction but the items have not yet been sent or received. Don't worry, you can see a list of any products that are still in transit or a list of products to be received. For detailed steps, you can check the explanation below.

I. Create a Purchase Order

Step 1. Go to Buy

Enter the product as an example:

Fulfillment Buy

Step 2. Choose Later Fulfillment

Change the Fulfillment status on the Supplier Bill to Later :

Fulfillment Later on Module Buy

II. Check Product to Receive

Step 1. Go to Fulfillment Menu, Click More Menu, then Click Unfulfilled Products (Awaiting)

Unfulfilled Products

Step 2. Unfulfilled Products were Opened

The Products to Receive report page will display a list of products purchased but not yet received.

Unfulfilled Products

With this report, you can use it to monitor the purchase transactions that you created previously. So, this report will make it easier for you to see which Invoice Numbers you will receive.

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