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Customize the Signature Column Label in the A4 Invoice
Customize the Signature Column Label in the A4 Invoice

Add Signature label on A4 Invoice Printing

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A signature column is frequently used in the invoice to confirm the invoice delivery, receipt, and other credentials. You can set up signatures for every transaction which can generate the A4 printing format on DealPOS, mostly for Logistics. For this signature setup, we can set from up to 4 signature columns. To set the A4 Invoices to be able to show the signature columns, you can follow the step below

I. Signature Visibility Configuration

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Printing

Setup printing

Step 2. Go to General, Enable Signature Visibility, then Click Save

Printing General

II. Set and Rename Signature Title

Step 1. In the Printing tab, click on the Customer Invoice Tab

Printing Customer Invoice

Step 2. Fill in the Signature Name for the Invoice

Scroll down until we find the Signature form, and fill the Column based on what signature column we want to show in the A4 Invoice print result. Then click Save to apply the change

Signature Column

Example from Customer Invoices A4 Printing with 3 columns Signature:

Customer Invoices with Signature

[Tutorial Video] Customize the Signature Column Label in the A4 Invoice

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