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Close Partial Purchase Order
Close Partial Purchase Order

Complete purchase order of partial status.

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Sometimes you buy from the supplier with a certain amount, and you use the shipping method from the supplier. but the supplier does not complete your shipment. For example, you buy Jeans with variant sizes 28 and 30 status amounts of 10 per item. But, in the implementation, the new supplier sends 5 of each product to you (Pending shipment status), then the supplier cannot send the rest of your items because the stock is empty. So that our order status is not pending, then we can complete the shipment so that the items we receive are only 5 of each product. You can do the following steps.

I. Purchase Order with Fulfillment Later

Step 1. Go to Buy, Make Purchase Transaction, then Select Fulfillment

Make Purchase Transaction

โ€‹Notes :

We try to purchase 100 Qty of Cardigan (L) and 200 Qty of Winter Coat.

Purchased Product

Step 2. Choose Later Fulfillment

Choose Later Fulfillment

Step 3. Make Payment to Complete Transaction

Complete Transaction

Step 4. Purchase Transaction was Completed

Purchase Transaction was Completed

II. Receive Partial Inventory

Step 1. Go to Orders (Supplier Bill), then Open Any Purchase Invoice

Choose any purchase invoice that you want to receive stock partially.

Open Any Purchase Invoice

Step 2. Click Receive Button

Start to receive inventory from suppliers.

Receive Inventory

Step 3. Input Received Qty, then Click Add

Try to receive inventory partially. So, do not input full / all of the quantity there.

Input Received Qty

Step 4. Inbound Logistics was Completed

Inventory was received partially.

Step 5. Try to Receive Another Stock

Make another inventory receivement. Make sure that you didn't receive full / all of the quantity.

Receive Another Stock

III. Adjust as fulfilled (Close Partial)

If you think the supplier will no longer send the remaining stock, then you can close the transaction (Close Partial). So, the current situation is that only some stocks have been received, and some others will not be delivered.

Step 1. Go to Orders (Supplier Bill), then Open Any Purchase Invoice

Choose any purchase invoice that you want to close partial.

Open Any Purchase Invoice

Step 2. Click Adjust as Fulfilled

Adjust as Fulfilled

Step 3. Click Ok to Close Partial Order

Close Partial Order

Step 4. Partial Purchase Order was Closed

Partial Purchase Order was Closed

Step 5. Recheck the Payment Status

Payment status will be changed to Exceed, which means it indicates that the purchase order has been executed Adjust as Fulfilled.

Recheck the Payment Status

Step 6. View Quantity Detail

The system will display Requested Qty and Received Qty here.

View Quantity Detail

Step 7. View Delivery Summary by Clicking Summary Button

Report Stock Summary

Step 8. Summary Delivery was Displayed

System will display Ordered/Requested Qty, Received Qty, and Remaining Qty that wasn't be sent.

Report Stock Summary

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