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Extending Package Expiry Date Options
Extending Package Expiry Date Options
Prepaid package period by purchasing the same prepaid package
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Do you use the Prepaid package feature to sell services packages, such as the Gym package? When there is a customer who wants to extend the membership/service package, there is a config setting that can extend the Package/Service when the customer repurchases the same package. For detailed steps, you can follow the explanation below :

Step 1. Go to Setup Menu - More Menu - AddOns

Extending Package Expiry Date Options - Setup

Step 2. Prepaid Package - Activate at Previous Package Empty - Save

Extending Package Expiry Date Options - Setup Config

If it has been activated then some customers purchase the same package but the previous package is still tortured the active period of the newly purchased package will not be counted/started if the previous package has not expired.

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