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How to add therapists or trainers

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Prepaid Package product is usually used for businesses that provide a membership or check-in system, usually suitable for salon businesses, beauty treatments, gyms, or etc.

If you are a salon or gym service provider, of course, you need a list of therapists or trainers who perform treatments. It also works to apply incentives to every doctor or therapist who carries out treatment.

Step 1. Go to More Menu in Prepaid, then Select T. Administrator

More Prepaid Menu

Step 2. Click Add

Add Administrator

Enter the name of the Doctor or Therapist, then click the submit button.

Input Doctor/Therapist Name

Step 3. Treatment Administrator was Created

Then the Therapist Who has been Input will appear.

Treatment Administrator was Created

Step 4. Go to Users, Select User to Link with T. Administrator

You can link to the login account of the doctor or therapist by going to the User Menu - Click the name of the User Login.

Link User with Treatment Administrator

Step 5. Go to Linked ID, then Assign User to T. Administrator

Then click on the Linked ID Sub Menu then enter the name of the doctor or therapist.

Assign User to Treatment Administrator

Step 6. Try to Make Treatment & Check Customer In

When checking in you can choose the Doctor who will handle the treatment.

Make Treatment & Check Customer In

Step 7. Recheck Treatment Incentive

Because you have done a Linked ID on the user Login Doctor then the doctor can check the treatments that have been done by clicking "My Incentive".

Recheck Treatment Incentive
Recheck Treatment Incentive

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