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Sell Prepaid Package Product

How to sell prepaid package products and view it on the customer detail

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Prepaid Package Products are used to sell points, which can be used to obtain a specific service or treatment. This article will explain how to sell prepaid package products and check the package/points in the customer data who have purchased them.

Before selling this product, please ensure that you already have or have created a prepaid package product. Learn more about Create Prepaid Package Products.

Step 1. Go to Sell, then Make Sales Transaction

Assign the customer then add the prepaid package product to the shopping cart.

Assign Customer & Add Prepaid Package Product

Notes :

You must enter the customer's name in the transaction if you want to sell prepaid package products.

Step 2. Click Pay to Complete Transaction

Pay Transaction
Complete Transaction

Step 3. Go to Contacts, then Select Customer

Select customers that have bought package products before.

View Customer in Contacts

Step 4. Go to Package Tab to View Customer Package

Scroll down the page, then click the package tab. Here you will see all the package statuses that you have purchased.

View Customer Package

Tutorial Video

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