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Use prepaid package for customer by checking in and checking out

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Prepaid Package Products are used to sell points, which can be used to obtain a specific service or treatment. This article will explain how to use points from prepaid package products (checking in & checking out process).

Before using the product, please ensure that you already finishing these steps :

I. Check In

We provide two ways to check in, either by clicking the 'new' button or by entering the customer code from the barcode column. Since the recommended method is to check in by clicking the "new" button, this article will explain the check-in process from that scenario.

Step 1. Go to Prepaid Package, then Click New

New Treatment by Click New

You can also check in by scanning the customer's barcode (point the cursor to the barcode column).

New Treatment by Typing Customer Code

Notes :

If you check in by scanning the barcode or entering the customer code in the barcode column, you won't be able to fill in additional data/information during the check-in process.

Step 2. Submit "Check In" Information

You will see the existing package with the points below the "Check-In" information. Fill in the fields :

  • Type the customer name and select the customer.

  • Select the package type to redeem the point. Learn more about the Redeem Point Type.

Submit "Check In" Information

Step 3. Click Others, then Submit "Others" Information (Optional)

You will see the last visit history for the selected customers besides the "Others" information. This data is optional, so you can proceed without filling it in. However, if you wish to fill in the data, here are the options :

Submit "Others" Information

Step 4. Re-Check Data, then Click Submit

After clicking submit, the check-in process is successful. Usually, there is a simple printout for information regarding the treatment.

Submit Data
Re-Check Data

II. Check Out

We offer 4 ways to check out, here are the methods :

  1. (Simple) By clicking "Check Out All". All existing treatments will be checked out without needing to fill in any additional information.

  2. (Simple) By typing the customer code or scanning the barcode. The treatment for the selected customer will be checked out without needing to fill in any additional information.

  3. (Simple) By checking or ticking the check-in process, then click the "Check-Out" button beside the "New" button. The selected treatment will be checked out without needing to fill in any additional information.

  4. (Recommended) By clicking the treatment and filling in the additional information

Check Out Ways

This article will explain how to check out from the recommended scenario (the fourth scenario).

Step 1. Select Treatment

Select Treatment

Step 2. Submit Image & Other Information (Optional)

You can upload a photo during the treatment and edit other information before checking out (this is optional, you can proceed to check out without filling it in).

Submit Image & Other Information

Step 3. Re-Check Data, then Click Submit

Submit Data

The treatment was complete.

Re-Check Data

Tutorial Video

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