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How to add room in Prepaid Package Menu

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This type of Prepaid Package product is usually used for businesses that provide a membership or check-in system, usually suitable for salon businesses, beauty treatments, gyms, or etc.

The room in the Prepaid Package is useful for determining and monitoring the capacity of your customers. Therefore you need to know how to create or set up a room that will be used in the prepaid package menu.

Step 1. Go to Outlet (Park Layout Templates), then Click Add

The first thing to do is create a new room that will be used in the prepaid package menu.

Add Park Layout Templates

Step 2. Input Park Layout Template Form, then Click Update

Enter the room layout name, total room, and alias name.

Input Park Layout Template Form

Step 3. Park Layout was Submitted

Step 4. Go to Outlet Menu, then Select Any Outlet

The next step is to assign the room layout that has been made to the designated outlets for treatment.

Select Any Outlet

Step 5. Edit Outlet, then Assign Park Layout to Outlet

Select the layout that was created before, then click update to proceed.

Assign Park Layout to Outlet

Step 6. Go to Prepaid Package, Add Treatment, then Choose Room

You can check the settings made in the previous steps by going to the prepaid package menu and then checking in as usual, click choose a room to see the layout results that have been made

Choose Room for Treatment

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