Pay Money is function on Accounting menu of DealPOS system that can be used to record all operational costs of your company / outlet, such as employee salary costs, telephone costs, advertising costs, renovation fees or cleaning costs. The following will explain the steps for recording costs through Record Expense.

Step 1. Go to Journal - Pay Money - Input Expense then Save

Example : I have expenses for Outlet 1 is telephone and internet at 200,000 with payment Kas Operasional 200,000 and I will record it with journal number 06637




Choose the outlet


Select transaction date when you created the Journal

Journal Number

Journal Number is sorted automatically by the system, but can be changed according to your wishes. Journal Number is useful if you want to track the Manual Journal that you have created


Select the account to be recorded as a debit or as a credit


Note for account

+Add Expense

To add new Expense account coloumn


Set the name of supplier

Money Logo

Choose where you want to pay from

Step 2. Manual Journal Listed

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