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How to input opening balance for owner share capital by manual journal

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If you using DealPOS accounting, you can learn more about the features we provide in our accounting application by reading this article. DealPOS automatically creates a journal of POS transactions for accounting purposes. So you don't need to input the journal manually, and the accounting reports are also automatically generated based on the journals that have been successfully created.

Owner of share capital or individual capital of capital granted to the company. The additional capital can be added by the owner. The recording steps in the DealPOS accounting system are as follows:

Table of Content :

I. Make COA Owner Share Capital

If COA for Owner Share Capital does not exist, you can follow the steps below to create the COA

Step 1. Go to Menu COA - Accounts - Add


Step 2. Input Chart Of Accounts Form - Save


II. Manual Journal Owner Share Capital

Step 1. Go to Journal and Manual Journal then click Add

Add Manual Journal

Step 2. Fill out manual journal form then Save

Fill Out Journal Manual

Step 3. Journal is Created

Journal was Created

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