If you have more than one store, customers usually choose to add outlets. So that the stock of goods from each store is separate and not combined into one. Adding an outlet also makes it easier for you to check goods that come in and out of the outlet and separate transactions between outlets.

This article explains how to add a new outlet to your DealPOS account. The following steps as below :

Step 1. Go to Outlet - Click Add

How to add a new outlet - Add Outlet

Step 2. Fill Form - Submit

How to add a new outlet - Fill the form

A pop-up notification will appear where you input your destination to add outlets and the estimated number of transactions per month from the outlet.

How to add a new outlet - Choose your purpose

Step 3. New Outlet Registered

How to add a new outlet - Outlet added successfully

Notes :

Adding more Outlets will automatically update your billing if required. A prompt will appear to advise you of any billing changes before you add Outlets. Please read the link for more information about pricing on : https://www.dealpos.co.id/pricing

Index Properties :




Contains the name of the outlet you want to use


Contains the outlet code to distinguish each outlet


Contains outlet address information

Receipt Template

Contains the receipt template code that has been set

Quicky Template

Contains the quicky template code that has been set

Park Layout Template

Contains the park layout template code that has been set

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