Sometimes you want to use a unique marking system for your products with barcodes to make the selling and transaction process easier and faster.
This article specifically explains the steps for installation and settings configuration of Barcode Printer Zebra GT820 (GT800EPL).

The first thing you want to do is to connect your printer to your PC and install the driver. You can get the driver here to click here

Table of Content :

I. Install Printer Driver

II. Setting Print Preview & Calibrate

I. Install Printer Driver

Step 1. Open the downloaded driver, click next

Zebra Setup

Step 2. Tick accept the terms of the license agreement, Next

Zebra - Licence Aggrements

Step 3. Select the location of the driver installation folder, Next

Zebra - Destination Folder

Step 4. Select the user who wants to display the installation shortcut, Next

Zebra Setup

Step 5. After the installation process, the program information will appear, Next

Zebra - Aggrements

Step 6. Tick Run Zebra Setup, click Finish

Run Zebra Printer

Step 7. The driver will preload the installation package to your system, Click Next

Zebra Printer Drivers

Wait for a moment

Zebra Printer

Step 8. Choose USB, Click next

Zebra Printer

Step 9. Connect the printer to the PC and turn off and turn on the printer again, Click Finish

Zebra Printer

Step 10. After the above steps are correct it will appear like this,

Zebra Printer

II. Setting Print Preview & Calibrate

Step 1. Double click on the barcode that has been installed ZDesigner GT800 (EPL)


Step 2. In the tab above select stocks click New

Zebra Printer - Stocks

Step 3. You can adjust the size of your sticker label

Zebra Printer - Format Label

* For maximum results please use a ruler to measure the width and height of your label paper,

Step 4. After setting the size of the label to display the print, you need to calibrate it so that the print results match

Go to Advance Setup, Media Settings - Thermal Transfer, Media Type - Label With Gaps, Calibrate, OK

Zebra Printer - Setting Label

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