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Printing Without a Print Preview
Printing Without a Print Preview

Sometimes the appearance of a print preview when sell complete it will take a long time for next transaction

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If you feel that when printing invoices it takes a very long time because there is a print preview, but before you have adjusted the settings to the chosen paper size and printer, then you can increase the preview appearance so that the printing process is faster and time-efficient.
When you use the DealPOS application, you can follow these steps, so that after payment, the invoice will be automatically printed.

Step 1. Go to Setup, Click More Menu, then Select Module

Module Configuration

Step 2. Open Sell Tab

Sell Configuration

Step 3. Disable Print on Payment

Then you can scroll down, then in the printing section, print on payment you can select no. Then click save.

Disable Print on Payment

Step 4. Try to Check the Changes

After the transaction is successful, a receipt will print automatically / without preview.

Check the Changes

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