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Migrate DealPOS Inventory to Shopify
Migrate DealPOS Inventory to Shopify

Learn how to migrate DealPOS inventory by using export import feature to Shopify

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Shopify is a Canadian electronic commerce company headquartered in Ottawa, Ontario, and develops software for online stores and retail checkout systems.

If you're using Shopify, you can migrate the Inventory data from DealPOS to Shopify by using the Export and Import method. This article will tell you about how to migrate your inventory stock in DealPOS to Shopify with a CSV file :

Table of Content :

I. Export Inventory from DealPOS

Step 1. Select Export on Inventory Menu

Export Inventory

Step 2. Delete Unnecessary Column, then Save the File

Leave Code and Inventory Column.

Delete Unnecessary Column

II. Import Inventory to Shopify

Step 1. Go to Shopify, then Click Stock Sync in Apps

Stock Sync

Step 2. Select Update Existing Product, then Click Continue

Update Existing Product

Step 3. Select Start New

Start New to Upload

Step 4. Upload File with CSV Format, then Select Continue

Make sure the file that you upload is CSV File.

Upload File with CSV Format

Step 5. Change Prefix from SKU to Code & Add Field Quantity

Try to set prefix as inventory, then click next.

Change Prefix

Step 6. Set Shopify Inventory Location, then Select Done

Set Shopify Inventory Location

Step 7. Select Start Process

Start Process

Step 8. Product was Successfully Updated

Product was Successfully Updated

Step 9. Shopify Stock was Successfully Updated

Shopify Stock was Successfully Updated

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