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Sync Products between Jubelio & DealPOS
Sync Products between Jubelio & DealPOS

How to synchronize product data between Jubelio and DealPOS

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Do you want to use the integration between DealPOS with Jubelio? or just getting started using the Integration? Make sure to enable some necessary configurations, for example, Webhook. For a detailed explanation and steps, you can check the following article: Jubelio Integration Setting (Webhook)

After you successfully integrate DealPOS with Jubelio, the next step is to enter the master product from the DealPOS system into the Jubelio system. The steps are as follows:

Step 1. Go to Barang, Click Katalog, then Click Download dari Online

Download Product from Online

Step 2. Input Product

Checklist DealPOS Link, Input Product, then Search & Click Download.

Input Product

A successful notification will appear if the product has been successfully inputted.

Product was Successfully Inputted

Step 3. Go to Variasi, then Try to Check the Uploaded Product

Check Uploaded Product

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