The following article will explain the steps for integration between Jubelio and Dealpos. The steps are as follows:

I. Setup Webhook Apps

Step 1. Go to Setup - More menu - Apps

Step 2. Allow Permission

Checklist on Jubelio to give permission then Save

II. Jubelio Setup

Step 1. Go to and login with your account

Step 2. Select the company that you want to integrate

Step 3. Go to 'Integrasi' menu and click 'Pengaturan' then choose DealPOS

Step 4. Input DealPOS url, client id and client secret then press 'sambungkan' button

**Note :

  • The Client ID is filled with the username and the Client Secret is filled with the password that you use to log in to the Deal Pos system

  • Checklist "Stock Adjustment by Jubelio" if you are adjusting stocks in Jubelio into the Dealpos system (you no longer need to cut stock at Dealpos in the event of a sale)

** Note : Refresh/Reload curent page and if integration success checklist icon will appear at Dealpos image

Step 5. After you setup the integration, If you want to sync transaction between DealPOS and Jubelio, You must adjust the location name to be the same as DealPOS

Go to Setup Menu - Choose Persediaan - Lokasi


Step 6 Adjust Location and Register Name

Click "Lokasi", and fill all description in there

1. Lokasi and Register Name must be same as Outlet and register name in dealpos

2. Enable "Lokasi Outlet POS"

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