Before adding marketplace channels you need to do authorize and make sure that user you use already have roles access Marketplace.

I. Asking Shop ID to DealPOS

Step 1. Go to Marketplace Channel

By clicking this link then fill your link and user login.

Step 2. Go to Channel and Click Add

Step 3. Click on "Contact our customer support"


Step 4. Input URL store and your Email


II. Authorize Tokopedia

After you send Tokopedia link, DealPOS Team will send the invitation to the email registered at Tokopedia.

Step 1. Check incoming email from Tokopedia

Select Accept to Confirm.

*Note: After you click accept, you have agreed and given access to DealPOS to manage your store.

Step 2. After accepting you will be directed to Tokopedia open Platform page

On this page you don't need to fill anything, because the integration process is complete.

If you have approved the invitation, please inform DealPOS so we can give your Shop id Tokopedia

III. Add Channel

Step 1. Click "Submit Shop ID"

If before step have done, you could go back and submit your SHOP ID.


Step 2. Input your Shop ID then Save

Step 3. Your Channel has been Added

*Note : Channel is added but you need to assign several column to complete.

Step 4. Setting Up on tab Marketplace Setup then Submit

Index Properties:



New Order to

Order that accommodated transaction from Channel

Dispatch Orders from

Outlet that orders will send from

Product Inventory

Inventory outlet reduce from

Sales Order Tag

Set type of Orders

Payment method

Payment method that in use


set tax that in use

Sync Order

Permission to allow synchronize order from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sync Inventory

Permission to allow synchronize inventory from Marketplace to DealPOS

How to Add Channel Tokopedia

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