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WooCommerce Authorization at DealPOS Apps
WooCommerce Authorization at DealPOS Apps

Authorize WooCommerce Channel to be Integrated with DealPOS

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Marketplace Integration is one of the features that DealPOS has, so that when there is a sale transaction on the marketplace, it can be recorded into the POS and automatically generate sales reports, and can also record stock reductions from sales in the marketplace. Of course, the integration of this marketplace will make it easier to record sales reports, especially if the marketplace used to sell is more than 1 channel.

Before adding marketplace channels you need to authorize and make sure that the user you use already has roles access to Marketplace.

Step 1. Go to DealPOS Marketplace, then Sign In

Login to

Step 2. Select Channel and Click Add

Add Channel

Step 3. Click Register at WooCommerce

Click Register on WooCommerce

Step 4. Submit WooCommerce URL, Consumer Key & Secret

Submit WooCommerce Key

Step 5. Get WooCommerce Data from Setting

Get Consumer Key & Consumer Secret on WooCommerce Setting.

WooCommerce Page - Settings

Step 6. Choose Advanced Tab - Click REST API

Get REST API from WooCommerce

Step 7. Click Add Key

Click Add Key

Step 8. Fill the Description with Free Context

Fill Key Details and Generate API Key

For example, "API DealPOS", and make sure the Permission is Read/Write, then click Generate API key to get Consumer Key & Consumer Secret

Step 9. Copy Your Consumer Key & Consumer Secret

Copy Consumer Key & Consumer Secret

Step 10. Submit WooCommerce Data to Authorize

Submit WooCommerce Domain, Consumer Key, and Consumer Secret.

Fill the WooCommerce Form

Step 11. WooCommerce Channel was Added

Choose WooCommerce to Configure

Notes :

Channel is added but you need to set some configuration.

Step 12. Configure Channel

Configure Channel and Submit

Configure Channel and Submit

Index Properties :



New Order to

The order that accommodated transactions from Channel

Dispatch Orders from

An outlet that orders will be sent from

Product Inventory

Inventory outlet reduced from

Sales Order Tag

Set type of Orders

Payment Method

Payment method that is in use


Set tax that is in use

Sync Order

Permission to allow synchronize order from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sync Inventory

Permission to allow synchronized inventory from Marketplace to DealPOS

Sync Unpaid Order

Permission to allow unpiad orders synchronization from Marketplace to DealPOS

After integration and configuration between WooCommerce and DealPOS. Webhooks can also be set up to enable real-time stock decrease and replenishment. The following article shows the configuration: DealPOS to WooCommerce Webhook URL Migration

[Tutorial Video] Add Woocommerce Channel

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