To create better infrastructure, DealPOS is currently conducting an experiment to improve it by moving some services to separate places. As a response, the user must apply simple adjustments to his WooCommerce account settings because DealPOS does not have that access, and it must be done manually by the user. Basically, the webhook URL must be changed. The webhook URL is intended to be a data container sent by WooCommerce to the DealPOS party/link, allowing DealPOS to process the data into invoices at the POS.

Go to WooCommerce wp-admin page

Click on WooCommerce icon, click Settings, then click Webhook

DealPOS to WooCommerce Webhook URL migration - Webhooks

As you can see there is a few Webhook delivery URL that listed on that page, you can click edit button on it

DealPOS to WooCommerce Webhook URL migration - Edit Webhooks

You can change the delivery URL manually

DealPOS to WooCommerce Webhook URL migration - Change URL manually

You need to change it from:


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