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WooCommerce Order Status Flow
WooCommerce Order Status Flow

Explanation of the Flow of Incoming Orders from WooCommerce

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WooCommerce is a plugin from WordPress for Online Stores / e-Commerce with quite a variety of features. WooCommerce is Open-Source and can be used for free to sell like e-Commerce. WooCommerce is one of the channels that can be integrated with DealPOS. You can read the article below for more details on the order flow status in WooCommerce.

Table of Content :

I. WooCommerce Order Status Flow

This is an example of the Order status on the Orders menu on the wp-admin page :

Orders Menu

When you get an order, you can review the order information, which will appear as shown below :

Billing Details

II. Order Flow

WooCommerce Order Flow
  • Pending

    No payment was initiated once the order was received. Payment is still pending (unpaid).

  • Failed

    The payment failed or was denied (unpaid), or authentication is required (Strong Customer Authentication).

  • Processing

    Please notice that this status may not appear immediately, but will instead appear as Pending until it is verified.

  • Completed

    The order has been fulfilled and completed, no further action is required.

  • On-hold

    Awaiting payment, the stock has been decreased, but payment must be approved by Store Owner / Admin.

  • Canceled

    Once an admin or a customer cancels the transaction, the stock is restored, and no further action is necessary.

  • Refunded

    An administrator has given a refund, no further action is necessary.

  • Authentication Required

    The customer must authenticate the payment and/or complete the Strong Customer Authentication requirements before the transaction can be completed.

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